Complete Checklist of the Private Breger Post Cards

Private Breger by Sgt. Dave Breger
"I'm always glad when we get fish. Then I'm sure it's not horsemeat!"
"They ought to see me now, those guys who call me 'Butterfingers'!"
"Dorothy, let me take you away from all this!"

"Sir, he claims we're making him work like a mule!"
"And my mother never even allowed me to have a cap-pistol."
"That soldier's here, Sir, about a new paratrooper uniform to deceive the enemy."

"I had my mother knit this sweater for you, Sarge!"
"Gee, Dorothy! Now we're sweeties."
"I WOULD hafta deliver a message to the Colonel when his orderly is sick."

"Silly to waste TEN tires on one truck, so I turned six of them back to the government."
"He doesn't like water dripping off his helmet down his neck."
"Military haircut!


"He says he just CAN'T work up hate against a stuffed bag."

"Shoulder bars! Get your lieutenant's shoulder bars here!"

Sorry, Sir, but he insisted on bringing his .22 air rifle for rabbits.


"Sorry, Sir, he didn't have time to shave for this inspection!"

"That little squirt - always wearing it off duty to avoid saluting."

"He wants to ride in front. He's getting carsick back here!"


"It's too quiet for him around here, so he's trying to stir up action!"

"Miss Jones, will you kindly leave for a few minutes? You're raising his temperature several degrees!"

"He hired them after he cleaned
everybody out in a crap game!"

"He says you can deduct these five minutes
from the next ten-minute rest!"

"We'll have to back up. We weren't
supposed to cross the bridge!"

"We haven't the heart to tell him,
after all these hours!"